Post Frame Buildings

Why Are Post Frame Buildings A Smart Choice?

Post frame buildings have been commonplace for hundreds of years due to their efficiency, reliability, and flexibility. It provides contractors with a simple way to construct buildings of all sizes that can stand the test of time in various environments. It's used for homes, barns, sheds, garages, and nearly every other type of building that can be supported with a wood frame.

Today's post frame buildings primarily use engineered wood or metal that aligns with current industry standards. Once completed, it may look like your standard building with wood studs or masonry, but the skeleton is very different. It has many advantages over alternative construction types when put together by experienced professionals.

Post Frame Foundations Are Flexible

Post frame construction offers an incredible degree of flexibility where the foundation is concerned. It is one of the few construction types that does not necessarily require a foundation at all. Contractors who do not have the time to wait for concrete to be poured and cured can benefit from the expedited process of post frame construction. The primary posts can simply be buried up to three feet in the ground to provide the building with the support and stability that it needs.

Foundation-free construction may save time, but there are some instances where the building could benefit from a solid foundation. Post frame buildings are not limited to any single type of foundation or a lack thereof. They can be built over traditional concrete slabs, using concrete columns, or on top of basements.

Post Frame Buildings Are More Affordable

Overall, there are significantly fewer resources required to build a post frame building. And if you cut down on the materials required, then you cut down on the price. It's estimated that the average post frame building costs 15 percent less than a stick frame construction of a similar shape and style.

Reduced material concerns and fewer construction hurdles also mean fewer man-hours spent on the job. Once again, this equates to more money saved. Every hour shaved off of the final construction time is money that you don't have to spend.

Superior Insulation Makes Life More Comfortable

Post frame buildings work particularly well in commercial and residential environments because of their superior insulation. Traditional steel frame buildings will experience a problem known as thermal bridging. This causes a reduction in the insulation properties by up to 60 percent. Wood is a far superior insulator and the post frame design allows for more high-quality insulation in the walls.

Superior insulation capabilities mean that the building will maintain its ideal temperature with less external work. You can spend less energy on heating or cooling, which translates to even more money saved.


If you want an affordable, flexible, and energy-efficient building, then post frame construction is the way to go. They take less time to construct, require fewer materials to build, and the materials used are great for regulating temperature. There's a reason that this construction method has been around for centuries and will continue to thrive for centuries to come.

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